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About Us

Reinventing the Pedicure With Your Health and Safety in Mind.

Finally, a foot and leg spa that combines a professional salon/spa experience with expert medical knowledge.
West Georgia Podiatry Medi Foot Spa is a podiatrist-owned medical nail and leg spa that offers unparalleled services for the feet and legs.
From the medical grade sterilization techniques to the environmentally friendly products, you can relax knowing your health and safety is our first priority. 


We are a MEDICAL FACILITY, located within West Georgia Podiatry, with board certified physicians, specializing in the care of all foot, ankle and lower leg conditions.  We have been caring for the feet, ankles, and lower legs of the West Georgia community for over 40 years. We also know that many people desire cosmetic pampering of their feet but are concerned about safety, cleanliness, and the risk of infection in non-medical salons.  We offer the benefits of a nail salon and spa, but with the sanitary features and expertise of a medical facility.

Luxury Soap

Our Commitment


We will provide you with safe, sterile, aesthetically-pleasing pampering of your feet and legs by a licensed, medically trained West Georgia Podiatry staff member, providing the comfort, relaxation, and peace of mind that you deserve when caring for your feet and legs.

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